advanced radiative transfer in dusty systems
Installation Guide

System requirements

The SKIRT project is intended to be truly cross-platform. It is written in standard C++14, which is supported by all recent C++ compilers, and it uses the CMake build system, which is widely available. As a result, the SKIRT project should compile and run on any recent 64-bit version of Unix, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

The source code for the SKIRT project is hosted on GitHub. You can download the code as a ZIP archive, but the recommended method is to use a git client, which is widely available. The documentation on this web site is generated from the source code through Doxygen. You don't need to install Doxygen and the related tools unless you are a substantial contributor to the code.

The default and most basic build configuration includes a fully-functional version of the SKIRT command-line program with support for multiple parallel threads in a single process. In this configuration, the project has no external dependencies other than the C++ compiler and the CMake build tool. Additional capabilities that may depend on external components can be enabled through user-configurable build options:

Types of installation

Your approach to installing the SKIRT project depends on your usage intentions and computer system. We can recognize two main types of environment:

Table of contents

The installation instructions in this guide are structured in topics as listed below. The procedure for a specific scenario and operating system can hopefully be inferred by picking and choosing from these instructions.